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Good thing I got that ONE night of good sleep the other night. That was sure a rare and magical occurrence.

THIS just isn't working for us anymore!

LMAO! Except we have a king size bed so we have way more room. But I tend to sleep right beside the edge whether I'm the only one in the bed or not. It's just what I know!

Oh and heres a random pic of me wearing Eden in the Beco while I pack. Packing, packing, just keep packing!!!

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Tornado watch

There are tornado warnings all over Ontario tonight. The lightening is crazy. So frequent and bright! It's making me anxious watching the news but John is fine. He insisted on going out to pick up a pizza even though I didn't want him to. But I wouldn't mind some pizza ...

Don't think I'll be able to sleep until this passes. The thunder was really loud but it seems to have died down and sounds more normal and not scary. I normally love thunderstorms but this is freaking me out a tiny bit.

Just saw lightening hitting the cn tower live on the news. Crazy.

If it gets scary we will go into the hall since it's the only place without windows. That's not gonna happen though.

My babies are sleeping peacefully and I hope to be able to do the same. Sooo tired!!!! Thank god John is off tomorrow morning!

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House hunting!

We looked at a house today! It wasn't for us but still... We are at the stage where we are looking now! I couldn't be more excited! We have dreamed about this for a long time.

We want a 4 bedroom. 3 is just too small for us. We need a room for johns turntables and music stuff and the computer. And Eden will need her own room eventually. Right now they share which works fine but can't last forever.

Hoping and praying we find something just right for us!

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