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First Stitches

So today has been a nightmare. Eden was having a nap on Gavin's big boy bed and I just had two pillows on each side of the bed to prevent her from rolling off. Ya so that technique is obviously not guaranteed for safety. That's not new information. But we still need to get shades for her window because the sun just blares through her curtains and it's too bright for napping. That's why I had her in Gavin's room.

So she was having a nice nap and I was keeping Gavin entertained with painting Christmas ornaments. After that he was begging me to play hockey in the basement (what else is new?)

So we were in the basement and I was "watching his game" when I hear a loud THUMP!

Instantly I knew Eden rolled off the bed and I ran up the stairs so fast but I didn't eat her crying. I found her face down on Gavin's floor. You know that long pause before a baby starts to really WAIL?!! I picked her up and her whole face was covered in blood. She exhaled and just started screaming! I didn't know where the blood was coming from and I instantly just called 911.

John was out DJing a school dance and he had the truck with the car seats.

I could not even hear the 911 operator because Eden was screaming. He told me to put her down so I could hear but I wouldn't. Gavin was so scared. I got a wad of paper towel and dabbed her face and saw a puncture wound in the middle of her forehead. It was so scary. I put pressure on it and the bleeding was under control. It was horrible.

It took about ten minutes for the ambulance to come. She freaked out even more when I laid her on the couch so they could look at her. We cleaned her up and she was ok as long as I could hold her.

We looked in Gavin's room to see what she fell on. I wasn't sure because I picked her up and ran for the phone as soon as I saw all the blood.

I could clearly see after that she fell on the wooden farm puzzle on the floor. She fell right into the plastic peg sticking up out of the puzzle piece. The cow is covered in blood :(

We had to take a ride in the ambulance and Gavin was so brave, sitting quietly and he even got to push some buttons.

She ended up having to get 2 stitches on her forehead. It was horrible when we had to swaddle her and hold her down. She screamed worse than ever when she was getting the stitches.

My poor sweet baby :( I feel so horrible. I hope it doesn't leave a bad scar.

This was her before the stitches :(

Her eyes are all swollen from crying :(

Merry frigging Christmas

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Dec. 24th, 2011 01:10 am (UTC)
poor little bb! :( :(
(Deleted comment)
Dec. 24th, 2011 04:14 pm (UTC)
Poor baby! Don't worry though. Cora has rolled off the bed many times. I shouldn't even admit it but it has happened more than once. Okay, fine. FOUR. She has rolled off four times.

Terrible, huh?

The last time, I was in the bathtub and Matt was sleeping downstairs on the couch. I told him that Cora was sleeping on the bed and surrounded by pillows and that he needed to come bring her to me. 10 minutes later, I hear a loud THUD and jump out of the tub. I was shaving and cut a HUGE gash in my leg. I got blood everywhere. I was so pissed at Matt.

The time before that? Matt was playing Simon's DS on the bed. I handed him the baby and said DON'T LET HER FALL OFF. I went downstairs and BAM. She is on the floor.

The other times were my fault but let's not talk about them. :)

So glad that she is okay though. You'll ALWAYs remember this Christmas and it makes a good story for her baby book. Just put a big bow on her head and rock out! Hope you have a happy holiday!
Dec. 27th, 2011 01:08 am (UTC)
Thank you for making me feel better!!!! I wish I saw your comment earlier.</p>

I think she woke up and I didn't hear her because I was watching Gavin play hockey in the basement and she seemed like she tried to climb over the pillows...and was successful. It wouldn't be a bug deal if that fucking puzzle wasn't on the floor :(

Gavin fell off the bed a few times as a baby and he was fine so I wasn't too worried about it. I've always been kind of laid back about certain things but now I'm a paranoid anxious mess!

Dec. 24th, 2011 09:57 pm (UTC)
OUUUCH! Poor baby!
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