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Christmas vacation

I'm sitting outside in the backyard with the sun shining down on me. My coat is open and I'm warm. The grass is green. Yet Christmas is only 3 sleeps away.

This weather is beautiful but it doesn't look like we are getting snow for Christmas :(

John is off for 5 days and it's going too fast! He was just finishing a stretch of graveyard shifts do he spent the first day catching up on sleep and even a bit yesterday. Anyway we are trying to get stuff done around the house so Gavin is at pajama day at "school" and Justin is here to watch Eden.

I have to go to Rona and get paint for the laundry room. I already sprayed the mold killer because there is mildew on the cement. I have to let it soak overnight then paint it with special paint. The amount of spiders and huge webs I removed from the ceiling is disgusting. Still have to clean the 2 bedrooms down there cuz my parents ate bringing their folding camping beds and sleeping in one room and then my sister will sleep in the other room which has the single bed in there.

The basement renos are starting beginning of January and Joyce and Dave will move in late march or so.

So ya...gotta get busy!

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Dec. 23rd, 2011 02:14 pm (UTC)
Merry Christmas beautiful!!!! We JUST got snow last night thats staying on the ground. I LOVE the pics you chose, the one with Gavs leg up and Edens arms open, priceless!!
love ya and hope you have a great holiday :)
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