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Bath time is party time for Eden! Her favorite time of day! If we even walk in the bathroom she starts to squeal and flail her arms like crazy!

She is finally growing some more hair and getting some little curls on the side! She looks exactly like baby Gavin but with blue eyes. My little beauty <3

Gavin never gets tired of playing Santa. Ho ho ho!!! LOL

I don't have many recent pics of Gavin because they are all a blur... He never stays still long enough.
But last night he was DJing and it was so cute! He told me to dance and then he asked me 'are you having fun?' we had a good little dance party. Some people hit up the club on a Friday night. I just hit up the studio with my 3 year old DJ ;)

I was trying to get a good pic of her outfit. I love this shirt you gave her Amber! Handle with care :)
Gavin is always in the background sporting his Leafs jersey and usually some sort of equipment. Good thing he has 3 jerseys. Thank you hand me downs!!

Here they are with uncle Dave

Wearing daddy's hat!

She's so silly!

He loves to eat frozen blueberries!! It like a treat to him. Only problem is he ends up looking like this!

LOL I went to a beauty supply outlet and got some new products for his hair. So his curls should be looking beautiful again soon!

Sorry all I have is phone pics! Hope that tides you over Jesy!

I will do house pics soon!

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